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What We Are Up To

We are developing Anti Food Fraud Technology for China Focussed, Brand Orientated, Regional Wine Producers potentially exposed to product imitation, substitution or dilution.

It’s for producers who’s product is not only an expression of their skill, dedication and hard work, but their region and it’s unique characters.

It ensures the integrity of a product’s provenance and ‘terroir’ are without question so consumers can experience the best a brand and a region has to offer without any lingering doubts about authenticity.


  1. Globally, food fraud is estimated to cost consumers $40-$50 billion.
  2. 38% of goods sold online in China were considered fake or substandard.
  3. Food and Wine producers lose out on sales and risk reputational harm to their brand.

As a fourth generation farmer with 124 year family history in agriculture, Wes Ward understands that higher farm gate returns means stronger regional communities.

Value adding, building food brands and tapping into the Asian Dining Boom are key to higher farm gate returns whilst exercising the full potential of our food producing regions .

But such strategies come with increased risks.

By protecting a producers brand, product and their consumers from fraud, we can help them deliver not just safe, clean and green food, but Trusted Food.

This gives consumers confidence that the premium they are paying for a trusted food product is the authentic, original, high value product from our regions.


Trusted Food Group based at Runway Geelong at Federal Mills.


Trusted Food technology uses a combination of high tech applications including:

  1. Regional Fingerprints – biotech leveraging naturally occurring biomarkers
  2. Trust Chain – cloud based, blockchain enabled software applications
  3. Scanning Tech – allowing consumers to scan data and biomarkers
  4. Consumer Ready – to be announced

Wine Producers

If you would like to participate in our Regional Fingerprints pilot, we are currently taking Expressions of Interest.

All Other Interested Parties

Finance Professionals

If you have interests in Agribusiness and Ag/Food Tech


Like minded individuals and organisations.


Stage Two will enable us to work with ecommerce platforms.


Government & Compliance organisations